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Community Sector & Volunteering

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For more information about NHS staff parking please click  HERE

Hammersmith & Fulham Council has launched a new Community Aid Network (CAN) to co-ordinate an army of volunteers to help during the coronavirus crisis. Please see link below to regsiter as a volunteer.

Please see link below to register to support the NHS during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Helping patients receive their medicine supplies regularly by helping them to arrange electronic repeat dispensing and enlisting the support of local resource (this could be co-ordinated through your social prescribing link worker or equivalent) and voluntary sector partners to collect and deliver.



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To view full document please click HERE

NHS services and Community joint links in H&F


Apologies if this has already been received but please see attached links and resources which the link workers and our practice staff may find helpful.

To help encourage communities to use the NHS if they need to, Imperial College London medical students in partnership with the BME Health Forum and the North West London Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). It was quality assured by the CCGs. It is also available in Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish and Sylheti. The purpose of the video is to reassure the public that NHS services are safe to use. Please view the videos at the links below:


  1. People have been asking us for more information about visiting their dentist during the lockdown period. To help, we have published the answers to the most frequently asked questions on our website.


  1. Find attached the weekly Health Homeless Project newsletter with information on mental health awareness week, staff training opportunities & local updates.


  1. Healthy Hearts and Kick It continue to support the community and residents during these times. They’ve started a new Adult Weight Management course in partnership with Open Age and their clients. If clients are eligible, they can still register to join this course.
  2. If an organisation has any opportunities for partnership in any capacity, then please do get in touch with them, website or call 020 3434 2500. They offer:
  • Cook & Eat courses
  • Adult Weight Management courses
  • Physical Activity Classes
  • 1-1 Care Planner Assessments
  • Stop Smoking Support

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