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Hot Clinics

The “dirty” hub is operational at Brook Green. You can remote book in SystmOne using the Weekend Plus service straight away.


This service is for any patients in the borough that a GP has assessed on the phone, who may have COVID based on their symptoms, and whom you feel the ONLY way you can make a decision on how to manage is through a face to face assessment. Our practices have found that the routines around dealing with potential COVID patients on site are time consuming and impact on an already difficult resource situation.

ALL other patients who need a face to face assessment who DO NOT have COVID symptoms still need to be seen in your practice in the normal way as you are doing now.

When you book a potential COVID patient nto a Weekend Plus appointment for assessment you MUST:

  • Make sure records sharing is turned on
  • Advise the patient that when they get to the gate to use the buzzer (there is a notice on the gate). A member of our staff will come out to escort them in. They will be asked to wear a mask. They will be escorted directly into a consulting room and a doctor will assess them
  • Please add your mobile number to the appointment slot in case the team need to contact you for advice/discussion

To view the full document please click HERE

To view the full document please click HERE

To view the full document please click HERE