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Wellbeing In Health And Social Care


The Health & Social Care Sector experience the highest rate of work-related stress, anxiety and depression.

The “Put on your own oxygen mask before helping others: enhancing self-care and resilience document looks at :

-Wellbeing challenges for healthcare professionals
-The risk factors
-The organisation’s duty of care
-The need for self-care
-What is emotional resilience and why is it important?
-What underpins emotional resilience and wellbeing?
-Multi-level interventions

NHS Practitioner Health Programme

The NHS Practitioner Health Programme is an award winning, free and confidential NHS service for doctors and dentists with issues relating to a mental health concern or addiction problem, in particular where these might affect their work. Where the patient suffers an associated physical health problem our team will signpost to appropriate NHS services and may be able to offer some case management.