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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Our vision is of a thriving integrated care system designed around the communities that are defined by the general practice registered list, delivering a service that is founded/ grounded in innovative and proactive  primary care that  promotes the wellbeing of residents. 

Our Mission

Hammersmith & Fulham GP Federation is in a unique position in that its members are providers with local connections and knowledge, yet it sits outside of traditional commissioning and regulatory frameworks.

Our mission is to work with member practices to enable primary care to fully engage in the redesign of services that integration requires. This, in turn, will lead to improved experience and outcomes for patients, increased efficiency reduction of duplication and reduction of variation across the patch supporting sustainable high-quality general practice. We will also recruit and retain our workforce, making Hammersmith & Fulham a choice employer across London

Our Core Values

Equity- We will strive to reduce inequality and promote equity in all situations both within the organisation and through our interactions with our member practices.

Support- We believe our fundamental role is to develop leaders of the future, both people and teams.

Improvement- We will strive to create a learning culture across primary care

Transparency- We will promote a culture of openness and proactively surface any ‘hidden agendas’ if they are detrimental to transformation or the rights of others.

Empowerment- We will strive to create a system where power is shared and people are encouraged to proactively introduce and implement their change ideas.

Collaboration- We will strive to seek solutions that recognise the rights of all parties.

Advocacy- We recognise our position as a leadership organisation and will defend and advocate for those who cannot do so for themselves.