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H&F Training Hub

The Training Hubs (previously CEPNs) are education and service providers based within the community. Training Hubs perform local educational needs assessments across Community and Primary Care networks.

The Training Hub is tasked with increasing capacity for future workforce training and developing the current and future workforce around the needs of a geographically defined population. The Hammersmith & Fulham Training Hub works collaboratively with other stakeholders across North West London and receives grant income from Health Education England (HEE) for training, education and workforce development of primary care staff.

Who is the Training Hub?

The Hammersmith and Fulham Training Hub team consists of experienced nurses, pharmacists, GPs and project support.  They work closely with all staffing groups in general practice and with Health Education England to share best practice and support the learning and development of staff across Hammersmith and Fulham.  We run regular education forums, provide clinical supervision, mentoring and training.

What does the Training Hub do?

Hammersmith & Fulham Training Hub has four key strategic priorities:

  1. Support, develop and expand the scope and quality of clinical services delivered by the 28 GP practices in Hammersmith & Fulham.
  2. The delivery of training, education and workforce development projects to support recruitment and retention, and upskilling of the GP practice workforce, which includes all non-clinical practice staff. This also includes the further development of themed education hubs, each one hosted by a local GP practice, and facilitating shared resources across smaller practices to harness a wider workforce mix (e.g. pharmacy, physician associates, nursing associates)
  3. Development of a platform across GP practices that supports the development and implementation of accountable care principles.
  4. A transformational change programme for primary care locally. Most recently we have secured funding from RM Partners to run a Cervical Screening Project across Hammersmith and Fulham.


More information

If you would like to become involved or know more about the work that the Hammersmith and Fulham’s Training Hub is doing, please email us at