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Caring for Care Homes


Care homes represent a vulnerable elderly population and a workforce who feel unvalued and unsupported, (Skills for Care, 2010) in a highly regulated environment.

This project offers support, training and opportunities for peer group support to care home workers and the multi professional team involved in care home care.

This project aims to:

1.Improve staff experience and morale

2.Build a culture of trust between care homes and their communities


Delivery of a 3-armed package of care to the 19 care homes in the Triborough, through a Sesame-Street model, ‘Who are the people in your neighbourhood?’

1.Schwartz Rounds - forum for all staff to come together to reflect on the complex emotional aspects of care work.

2.Share and Learn Events- quarterly half day sessions held in different care homes across the triborough enabling staff from different homes to collaborate through learning together and sharing best practice.

3.Individual care home visits- our team delivers bespoke training sessions on clinical topics and personal wellbeing to staff.