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GPs at the Deep End

Deprivation in North West London is confined to a small geographical area but spans multiple Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).  This makes it hard to address through traditional mechanisms and means community staff face a commonality of experience but may not know or link with each other.

Hammersmith and Fulham CEPN has therefore set up a local version of the successful ‘GPs at the Deep End’ program to improve resilience for community teams.

The initial phase of this program has recruited four GPs from practices in Primary Care Networks in low deprivation areas, and given them bursary funding to attend QSIR training and monthly forums in order to form a community of practice. In addition the funding provides a small amount of time for them to undertake a quality improvement project within their practices.

The scheme was oversubscribed, and is being extended for a second cohort that will include nurses and GPs from a wider geography.