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Paediatrics Partnership in Education (Finished August 2018)

Hammersmith and Fulham GP Federation was successful in its application for funding from Health Education England (HEE), to host the Connecting Unplanned Care for Children project. 

This 2 year scheme (2017 – 2019) designed and implemented a GP development pathway to provide general practitioners with a specialist interest (GPwSI) in paediatrics with the following opportunities:

  • Development of clinical skills needed to make them a community resource able to provide clinical support for their primary care colleagues.
  • Build strategic relationships with health commissioners and management level staff across health and social care to inform and translate child health strategy and best practice.
  • Build grassroots relationships with individual general practice staff in order to understand perspectives, coordinate and identify resources available.
  • Development of service improvement skills needed to help design and implement quality improvement initiatives across local populations.

This established team of paediatric GPs, act as paediatric care advisors across general practices in Hammersmith and Fulham and work collaboratively with the Child Assessment Unit (CAU) at Hammersmith Hospital.

For more information about this project, contact us.