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Parson's Green Health Centre - booked appointment service



On Monday 26 October 2020, Parsons Green Health Centre opened to provide booked face-to-face and virtual appointments for Hammersmith and Fulham registered patients who have been referred via a primary care triage.

To maintain effective infection prevention control at the site, patients can no longer just walk in.

Patients who turn up without an appointment will not be seen.

It will be delivering services Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 6.00pm and from 9am to 1pm on Saturdays.


Please find below:

1. Booking inclusion and exclusion criteria. To view and download click HERE

2. Referral pathway, to view please click HERE

3. How to book an appointment guide, please click HERE

The Macmillan Competency Framework for Nurses (MCFN)


The Macmillan Competency Framework for Nurses (MCFN) is designed for use by UK registered nurses supporting people living with and affected by cancer in any adult care setting, regardless of their primary specialty.

To view and download the updated competence framework for all UK nurses involved in the care of adults living with and beyond cancer please click HERE.

Macmillan Funded Courses

In addition to the online resources, Macmillan's geographical L&D teams also provide free face-to-face courses and events for both Macmillan and non Macmillan Health and Social Care professionals locally.


Click HERE to find resources, information and support to help health and social care professionals in their role.


Impact of COVID-19 on Black and Asian Minority Ethnic BAME Communities.


This report will provide you with recommendation about:

- data collection,

- participatory research,

- experience of services,

- occupational risk assessment,

- culturally competent campaigns,

- effective health promotion.

- recovery and wider determinants of health.


Please download here.

The Little Booklet of Phone Scams


To view and download The Little Booklet of Phone Scams please click HERE.

The Little Book of Cyber Scams


To view and download The Little Book of Cyber Scams please click HERE.

The Little Book of BIG Scams


To view and download The Little Book of BIG Scams please click HERE.

The Little Leaflet of Cyber Advice

To view and download the leaflet with some tips please click HERE.

Who is eligible for shingles vaccination?

To view the leaflet from Public Health England, please click HERE.

Career development portal

A new careers platform that HEE have developed with Abintegro.

The platform will be beneficial to those in support worker roles who may consider applying for a Nursing Associate role in the future, and for those currently on programme.


Some benefits of the platform:

  • Provides detailed information about the NA role and links to the NHS websites where they can learn more
  • Provides access to numerous e-learning materials/videos/podcasts on important subjects such as coping with unprecedented change and developing resilience, among others
  • Offers a reflective journal tool to support aspiring and current TNA’s through their journey and offers helpful tips and guidance
  • Offers IT Skills support
  • Offers wellbeing and mental health support
  • Encourages users to complete quizzes which help them learn about their working style, and supports effective communication with colleagues


Full details on how individuals can sign up are included in the attached.

If you as a Lead or Educator would like access to the platform to see what learners will see, just email and we can set you up with an account.

As we only have access to the platform for a limited amount of time, we are encouraging early sign-up so users can make the most of the resources available.

Best Practice Guidance tips for Registered Smear Takers in Hammersmith & Fulham

The following guidance has been developed in accordance to Public Health England
(2019) and NICE (2017) guidelines to promote best practice in cervical screening for
delivery of the national programme throughout H&F. It can be used as a quick
reference guide to support delivery of the service, ensure a high standard of evidenced
based care, and increase uptake across the borough.

To download the guidance please click HERE



Retaining General Practice Nurse Guide

General Practice Nurses leaving their jobs through dissatisfaction with their role, retirement or burnout presents a significant challenge for GPs and Practice Managers and has a direct impact on the delivery of clinical care. CapitalNurse engaged with a focus group of 81 GPNs from 75 practices in seven CCG areas across London to give you an insight into what helps them feel an important part of your team. The GPNs were invited to share their experiences of working in Primary Care and there was a focus on seeking feedback from nurses who were over 50. This age group is an important one to focus on as it makes up a large part of the workforce and many will continue working into their 60s. The findings and insights, however, apply to the retention of GPNs of all ages and are relevant regardless of the organisational structure supporting your Practice. Engaging with this feedback and taking action now with your own GPNs will help mitigate the risk of forecast shortages. We hope that it will increase their job satisfaction and loyalty, thus rewarding you, your practice and the GPNs themselves.

HealthWatch Newsletter

in this Issue: 

Healthwatch Update!
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Guidance on Accessing Dental Care from 8th June
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Local Trust Rated ‘Good’ by the CQC
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An Innovative Approach in Covid-19 Care
Community Champions Project
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News Summary

Diagnostic Imaging in NW London (15 June 2020 )

Diagnostic Imaging in NW London

Please see the full document HERE

Health Help Now app to be decommissioned from end of June 2020

Health Help Now app to be decommissioned from end of June 2020
NHS North West London CCGs have decided to decommission the Health Help Now app with effect from the end of June 2020. The decision follows engagement with stakeholders and an equality and health inequalities analysis screening exercise.

To see the full document please click HERE