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Immunisation resources

School aged vaccination contact details for missed school vaccines due to Covid-19

Please see attached letter in relation to the school aged vaccination programme and missed vaccinations due to lockdown. 


In the event that school aged children present at practices requesting the nasal flu vaccine, normally given in school, please sign post them to the relevant provider.



If you have any queries about this information please contact our team directly at


Immunisation and Vaccination Competency Booklet

Please click HERE to view and download Immunisation and Vaccination Competency Booklet.

Administration of B12 Competency Booklet

Please click HERE to view and download Administration of B12 Competency Booklet.

PHE immunisation updates

Introduction to New learners Foundation Immunisation Programme

To view this document, please click HERE.

Vaccines and porcine gelatine

To view and download the leaflet describes how and why porcine gelatine is used in vaccines please click HERE.

The national flu immunisation programme 2020 to 2021- update

To view and download the details, please click HERE.

Shingles vaccination

To view and download the leaflet who is eligible for the Shingles vaccination, please click HERE.

Royal College of Nursing

RCN Guidance - Health Care Support Workers Administering Inactivated Influenza, Shingles and Pneumococcal Vaccines for Adults and Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine (LAIV) for Children.

To view and download this guidance, please click HERE.

Royal College of General Practitioners


Delivering Mass Vaccinations During COVID-19

To view and download a Logistical Guide for General Practice, please click HERE.


Immunisation Guidance from RCN and PHE



To view RCN- Practical and clinical guidance for vaccine administration, please click on the link below:


To view PHE- Immunisation training of healthcare support workers national minimum standards and core curriculum, please click on the link below:

Flu vaccination services and registration with the Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is aware that providers are thinking about and planning the ways in which they will deliver flu vaccinations for winter 2020/21, potentially in different ways than usual as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

CQC has provided new guidance to help providers understand whether they need to make any change to their current registration if they are delivering a flu vaccination service.


Flu vaccination funding for community pharmacy 

NHS England and NHS Improvement, the Department of Health and Social Care and the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee have agreed the funding for the Community Pharmacy Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Advanced Service in 2020/2021.

The fee per vaccination remains at £9.58, and for this year only:

  • £0.50 per vaccination will be paid from CPCF funds
  • up to £1m of medicines margin can be retained for vaccinations administered above the number of a normal year. This is in addition to the allowed £800m medicines margin under the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework.

NHS England and NHS Improvement is also making additional funding available which will need to be pre-authorised by NHS England and NHS Improvement regional teams to support venue hire and cold storage costs for contractors who are planning off-site vaccinations. Further details are available on the NHS Business Services Authority website as part of the Drug Tariff.

Flu vaccinations advised for all primary care staff

In order to protect colleagues from seasonal flu and ongoing COVID-19 risks, we are asking employers to ensure that all their staff, including locums, are vaccinated.

The national flu immunisation programme letter of 5 August 2020 outlined how people eligible for free flu vaccination will be offered this through local NHS arrangements, meeting their responsibility to protect their staff and patients and support the resilience of the health and care system.

It is particularly important to ensure that staff who could be at higher risk, such as Black and Ethnic Minority employees, are adequately protected this winter.

Download this communications toolkit for more information.