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Practice Nurses

Interested in a career in Practice Nursing?

We are committed to increasing the numbers of nursing staff working in General Practice as part of the 10 point action plan for general practice nursing.  The Queen's Nursing Institute (QNI) have launched a new website for GPNs as part of the deliverables of the GPN Ten point plan.

Practice nursing can give you the pleasure of supporting individuals within the community, from those with long term conditions and acute illnesses, from babies and toddlers through to the elderly. Our aim is to provide the support that allows people to stay out of hospital and within the comfort of their own home, for as long as possible.

For more information, please see the District Nursing and General Practice Nursing Service Education and Career FrameworkTransition to General Practice Nursing,  Time to think – about a career in General Practice Nursing or General Practice Nurse career profile

Watch this video about a day in the life of a Practice Nurse.


Returning to Nursing

You may need to undertake a return to practice programme if you've previously been a registered nurse and wish to return to the profession. 

For more information, please see here

Advanced clinical practitioners (ACPs) 

Advanced clinical practitioners (ACPs) enhance capacity and capability within multi-professional teams by supporting existing and more established roles. They help to improve clinical continuity, provide more patient-focused care, enhance the multi-professional team and help to provide safe, accessible and high quality care for patients.

For more information, please see here

Preceptorship Programme

Newly registered nurses (NRN) become accountable as soon as they are registered and this transition from student to an accountable practitioner is known to be challenging. This is equally relevant to registered nurses who transition into general practice.

The purpose of preceptorship is to provide support during this transition. The Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) strongly recommends that all new registrants have a period of preceptorship when commencing employment. A period of preceptorship should help the newly qualified nurse develop the confidence to practise competently as a nurse, midwife or specialist community health nurse.

For more information, please see here


CapitalNurse’s vision is to ‘get nursing right for London’; ensuring that London has the right number of nurses, with the right skills in the right place, working to deliver excellent nursing wherever it is needed.

The outputs of CapitalNurse are designed specifically for London nurses, but many of these also have the potential to be used with positive impacts for other workforce groups, and in other geographies.

For general enquiries please email or visit CapitalNurse Career Framework  

More information

If you would like to become involved or know more about the work that the Hammersmith and Fulham’s Community Education Provider Network (CEPN)is doing, please email us at